Eastleigh Primary School is committed to providing a quality and balanced English language education, focused on the development of individual strengths and talents in order to meet the demands of a changing society by:

1. Maintaining and encouraging a system of broad-based cultural values and norms, including tolerance and respect for the rights of others.

2. Developing learners who can relate, communicate, innovate and adapt.

3. Being committed to the academic, physical, emotional and cultural nurture of each learner.

4. Involving parents who share socially acceptable ideals and values.

5. Investing in committed teachers who strive to achieve the highest standards, through curricular and extra-curricular delivery.

6. Being an asset to the community, especially by making our facilities available in an accountable, mutually beneficial manner.

7. Adapting to the needs of a changing society.

8. Encouraging active, involved and committed parent/guardian partnerships.